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Introducing Voyce. The wearable band that lets you monitor your dog's health and wellness.

With Voyce you can:

  • Monitor vital signs
  • Receive expert exclusive education
  • Check symptoms
  • Set goals & reminders
  • Store medical records

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Why Customers
Love Voyce

  • "Voyce allows me to monitor the physical health of my dog to a whole new level."- Ingrid R., Parent of SinjinBillings, MT
  • "Anything that brings me closer to my dog and gives me insight into her health is absolutely worth it. I love having another way to check in on my best friend."- Christopher T., Parent of MollyDuluth, GA
  • "If you'd like to get a better look into the life of your dog, this is a great place to start."- Darin K., Parent of TheoPhoenix, AZ
  • "Once the data starts pouring in, you can grasp how much your dog stays active and how it affects his or her health."- Eric G., Parent of SnickersLargo, FL

Breakthroughwearable technology

Worn comfortably around a dog’s neck like a collar, Voyce is a breakthrough wearable technology that uses non-invasive sensors that do not require skin contact or prongs to deliver robust, objective data that makes it easier for you and your vet to recognize health trends, track progress, detect changes, and remain connected between vet visits.

  • Heart Rate +

    Voyce measures your dog’s resting heart rate and provides a daily average of beats per minute based on recent readings. A dog’s heart rate can provide clues about conditions such as heart disease or chronic pain. By monitoring trends, Voyce can help you detect anomalies or simply provide reassurance that your dog’s resting heart rate is within the normal range.

  • Respiratory Rate +

    Voyce measures your dog’s resting respiratory rate and provides an average of breaths per minute based on recent readings. A dog’s respiratory rate naturally increases during exercise, but changes in breathing while at rest can indicate potential health concerns. Voyce can help you detect anomalies or simply provide reassurance that your dog’s resting respiratory rate is within the normal range.

  • Activity +

    Voyce measures the activity level your dog is achieving each day on a continuous basis. This allows you to track trends in behavior, weight, and overall health as it relates to activity. Changes in activity level could indicate early signs of common conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia, heart/lung problems, anxiety, and more.

  • Rest +

    Voyce measures your dog’s rest patterns, which allows you to uncover clues to your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. Monitoring your dog’s rest patterns is helpful to identifying potential health concerns early. Decreasing periods of rest or increased interruptions in rest are often indications of discomfort or a change in health.

  • Calories +

    Voyce measures the calories your dog burns on an ongoing basis and compares the data to prior trends. Factors such as seasonal changes and daily routines can have a large impact on your dog’s activity. Monitoring calories burned helps you take better control of your dog’s weight and overall health.

Share data with Your Vet

Veterinarians are frequently tasked with making medical discussions based on subjective data. Voyce is a decision support tool providing objective data that your veterinarian can use to help evaluate your dog's health and provide more informed recommendations for ongoing and preventative care options. 

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Understand your dog
Like never before

Voyce fits into your everyday life helping build a more rewarding and enduring relationship for both you and your dog

  • insights_icons_1.pngMonitor your dog's vital signs and activity
  • insights_icons_2.pngGet articles and expert tips tailored to your dog
  • insights_icons_3.pngView and share data with your vet
  • insights_icons_4.pngReceive important wellness reminders
  • insights_icons_5.pngSet goals to help you and your dog learn and grow

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  • band_icon_dogssize.pngMultiple sizes accommodate 12-32 inch necks
  • band_icon_wifi.pngWiFi Enabled
  • band_icon_scale.pngLightweight (6 oz.) and durable
  • band_icon_waterproof.pngWaterproof
  • band_icon_compability.pngUniversally compatible
  • band_icon_battery.pngLasts for up to 7 days
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