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The wearable band that helps you monitor your dog'sHealth and Wellness

  • Monitor key vital signs & wellness indicators
  • Symptom Checker
  • Set goals to learn & grow together
  • Get exclusive content tailored to your dog
  • Medical record storage
  • Receive medication & appointment reminders

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Breakthrough TechnologySimple and Intuitive

Worn comfortably around your dog’s neck like a collar, Voyce™ uses non-invasive sensors to give you a more complete picture of your best friend’s wellbeing.

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Band 1
Band 2
Band 3
  • Resting Heart Rate

    Changes in heart rate can signal a more serious condition. Voyce measures the resting heart rate providing an average of beats per minute based on recent readings.
  • Resting Respiratory Rate

    Heavier than normal breathing can indicate stress or discomfort. Voyce measures resting respiratory rate providing an average of beats per minute based on recent readings.
  • Activity

    Regular exercise helps keep your dog fit and happy. Voyce measures how much activity your dog gets every day based on distance, amount of time, and intensity.
  • Rest

    Increased interruptions during rest can be indications of a change in health. Voyce measures rest patterns to make sure he’s getting the downtime he needs.
  • Calories

    Help keep your dog at a healthy weight. Voyce measures the calories your dog burns on a daily basis and compares the data to prior trends.

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Understand your dog
Like never before

The Voyce Member Portal is your daily resource to help you build a stronger, deeper connection with your dog. Here you'll find exclusive content from leading vets and pet experts, training and behavior tips, and actionable insights tailored to your dog.

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Learn and Grow Together

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I need to lose

Create a weight loss and activity plan by setting reminders and goals. Then track your progress by keeping an eye on calories burned and activity.


My heart is racing
The Voyce Symptom Checker helps you determine if and when you need to seek veterinary attention—your key to early, preventative care.

Share data with Your Vet

Voyce lets your dog “communicate” about his health and wellness indicators—supplying objective data your vet can use to better evaluate your dog’s health and make more informed diagnosis for ongoing and preventive care. Plus, the data is collected when your dog is in his natural environment, so it’s not skewed by the stress of a vet visit.

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Share with your Caregiver Network

Let your pet-sitter or dog walker know about fitness and activity goals.

Remind your family when it’s time to give your dog his medication.

Share real-time data and alerts with your vet.

Why Customers
Love Voyce

  • "Voyce allows me to monitor the physical health of my dog to a whole new level."- Ingrid R., Parent of SinjinBillings, MT

  • "Anything that brings me closer to my dog and gives me insight into her health is absolutely worth it. I love having another way to check in on my best friend."- Christopher T., Parent of MollyDuluth, GA

  • "If you'd like to get a better look into the life of your dog, this is a great place to start."- Darin K., Parent of TheoPhoenix, AZ

  • "Once the data starts pouring in, you can grasp how much your dog stays active and how it affects his or her health."- Eric G., Parent of SnickersLargo, FL

  • band_icon_dogssize.png

    Multiple sizes accommodate
    12-32 inch necks
    (Large Beagle to Mastiff)

  • band_icon_wifi.png

    WiFi Enabled

  • band_icon_scale.png

    Lightweight (6 oz.) and durable

  • band_icon_waterproof.png

    (Rated to IP67)

  • band_icon_compability.png

    Universally compatible

  • band_icon_battery.png

    Battery lasts for up to 7 days


Developed in collaboration with top bio-medical engineers, dog experts, vets and partners like Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine and LifeLearn, Voyce uses proprietary and patented sensors such as those developed for neonatal monitors and military use, to monitor a dog’s key vital signs and wellness indicators helping pet parents understand their dogs like never before.

Tech Specs

  • Physical
    • Ergonomic curved design
    • Lightweight, less than 6 ounces including the band
    • Multiple sizes accommodate 12-32 inch necks
    • Easy to use multi-function button and LED
    • Durable, dust proof, and waterproof up to 1 meter (Rated to IP67)
  • Science
    • Non-invasive, radio frequency based technology
    • Fully integrated triple axis accelerometer
    • Powerful onboard microcontroller
    • Proprietary, specialized algorithms analyze data
  • Power
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
    • Portable charging station utilizing micro-USB
    • Estimated normal use of up to one week between charges
  • Connectivity
    • Optimized for all current major browsers on desktops, tablets, and smartphones
    • Requires Internet access and WiFi connectivity for syncing (802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz)
    • Supports up to 10 separate networks